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- COSCO SHIPPING Lines (North America) Inc. - Thailand Waste Cargo Requirements

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June 12, 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

As you may be aware, scrap cargo, particularly plastic and e-goods (electronic waste), are becoming an increasing problem to many Asia countries. Some scrap cargo being imported is being mis-declared and under investigation by the local Customs authorities.

We may request additional information and documents from you before accepting waste bookings to various destinations. Although this may be an inconvenience, we are doing this to help prevent unauthorized cargo from being shipped. However, country requirements for specific cargo types, are the full responsibility of the BCO (beneficial cargo owner) as well as any costs or penalties that may arise.

We ask that you are diligent with your scrap customers and ensure they have the proper licenses to export/import scrap commodities to their intended destinations.

Additionally, we received information from our Thailand agent regarding scrap cargo importation. Please be guided accordingly.  

Scrap/Waste Cargo to Thailand

Thailand has many cases of consignees mis-declaring cargo. Thailand Customs are strictly monitoring and inspecting import containers. Please see below requirements.

    • Plastic Scrap
       Importer must present valid “import permit license of plastic scrap” by ministry of industry
       Plastic scrap can be imported only for use as material in factory
       Plastic scrap must be separate of each type; cannot mix together with other type
       Plastic scrap should arrive to the factory processed without need for cleaning
       Plastic scrap size cannot  be longer than 2 centimeters approximately, except using as material in a factory which
       shall follow the approval from industrial government
       Permit license should not be expired

       Cargo must be the same as the specification
shown on the license and with limitation of import quota.

    • E-Goods Scrap
       Importer must present valid“import permit license of used E-Goods” by ministry of industry
       E-Goods must be separated in 2 parts 
            1. Used electronic goods 
            2. Part of electronic goods
       Each license will clarify the group of used e-goods that customers can import, such as (parts of/used) refrigerator/
       (part of/used) printer/(part of/used) DVD recorder/(part of/used) mobile phone which will follow with H.S. Code
       Permit license should not be expired
       “Waste cables, waste motors, waste electric transformer” are prohibited to Thailand.
       Cargo must be the same as the specification shown on the license and with limited of import quota.

Please additionally find attachments provided by our Thailand agent for your reference.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please contact your COSCO SHIPPING Lines sales representative, our North American Operations Center (NAOC) at 1-866-830-2550 or our Long Beach, CA Service Center at 1-866-502-6726 for bookings and availability.

Thank you for being a valued customer.
We appreciate your business and continued support.

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